I was lucky enough to work in the Lower Zambezi a few years ago and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. To work and live in a remote and wild part of the world, amongst the wildlife is a humbling and grounding experience.


I worked with a team of local men, most of whom came from the surrounding rural villages. Most of them had basic primary education,  but the majority had no access to secondary education.


The main source of employment is at the safari lodges in and around the National Park. Those who are employed usually work from March to November, as the majority of the lodges close for the rainy season.


I fell in love with this wild and remote place, it reached out and grabbed me by the heart. 


It became clear to me that I could help raise funds for disadvantaged and orphaned children living in the Chiawa region of Zambia, which is a rural and remote area where children only have access to secondary education if they have funds to pay for it


There are many bright, aspiring children that I have committed to help in collaboration with the conservation unit in the Lower Zambezi who will run the sponsorship programme on the ground.


This project fits beautifully with many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which inspired me in September 2015, when it became clear to me that anyone and everyone can make a difference and that the accumulative effect would build working with others to help make the world a better place.


Who was I not to?


I am looking for collaborations with UK schools who would be interested in sponsoring and or working with remote, rural Zambian secondary schools.


In June 2019 the first UK school group will be spending 8 days and nights learning about the environment as well as meeting the local school children and teachers, joining classes, painting the classrooms and donating much needed sports equipment.


For companies and individuals interested in projects like these, I run guided canoe trips down the river, camping under the stars and visiting local villages, schools and the conservation unit for whom we are raising funds.




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